Laser Cutting Machine

It is equipped with internationally leading fiber lasers to meet the needs of different industries and customers through strategic cooperation with world-class suppliers, so as to ensure the long-term reliable operation of the machine and the constant accuracy.

Bending Machine

Runbang Heavy Industry always focuses on the innovation and research and development of bending machine technology, batumulates a lot of successful experience, serves various sheet metal processing industries, and has a solid customer basls.

Large Plate Shears

Large plate shears for heavy industry can be matched with DELEM system DAC360 to realize servo motor operation, and can be matched with feeder to realize automatic plate shearing operation; Estun system E21S E200P is selected to automatically control the rear stopper.

Exports to 160+countries

With quality, we will expand the domestic and foreign markets, focus on the production of cutting machines, bending machines, shearing machines, rolling machines, and metal forging equipment. Many senior engineers and technicians will provide technical support, and we can tailor a complete set of suitable sheet metal processing programs for you according to your specific conditions.

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A modern enterprise focusing on the R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of complete sheet metal equipment



Anhui Runbang Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Anhui Runbang Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd is a modern enterprise that concentrates on the research, development, manufacture, sale, and service in the entire metal plate equipment area. Anhui Runbang includes the brands:Rbqlty, CNCCOLGAR, MTCNC. There is a technical team that is educated, young and professional devoted themselves to the research and development of laser cutting, shearing, bending, plane, and punching.

25 Years

Production experience

160 Individual

Exporting countries

180 People

Active employees

20 Million

Registered capital

Agent of recruitment

Why choose us

Anhui Runbang Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. has created the brand of Rbqlty CNCcolgar,MTCNC. The company focuses on the production and sales of the complete set of sheet metal processing equipment.It has established an excellent brand and built public praise team to serve global merchants. Made the world of machine be in front of you. Choose with confidence and serve with heart. Use high-quality machine to promote the prestige of the great country!

To be the agent of Rbqlty, you will get:

1. Share local inquiry resources

2. Brand promotion materials and tools

3. The latest machine design and industry consulting sharing

4. Lower agency price list and full set of machine details

5. The perfect after-sales system directly serves the machine users, and the agent does not have any after-sales troubles


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