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    Duuct V production line is composed of rack,leveling embossing ,hydraulic pointed mouth and square opening, hydrauulic shearing machine, joint angle displacement type nip machine. manipulator grabbing assumed a feeding platform, plate double joint flange and double linked list bone molding machine. servo feeding platform, TDF hydraulic crimping machine, electric control part adopts full computer control, bending servo feeding ,positioning precision,guarantee the precision of bending. the max feed speed is 16m/min . the length error is ±5mm,the line can be used to process TDF flage and angle steel flage duct, with simple and rapid exchange.

    The line covers small area, with linear processing and high production efficiency. It can produce a small section, the main section of TDF flange can be as small as 200*200mm.


    3.Workpiece diagram


    • 1. Electric feeding racks 2 sets 4 coil cradles

      2. Leveling, beading, notching, cutting equipment 1 set

      3. High speed lock former device

      4. An electric feeding platform

      5. A duplex TDF flange forming machine (Optional a duplex angle steel flange forming machine)

      6. A servo feeding platform

      7. A bending device

      8. A CNC controller, software

      9. An electrical cabinet


    • Auto duct line V

      Model SDL-V 1. Electric feeding racks 2 sets 4 coil cradles                        
      2. Leveling, beading, notching, cutting equipment 1 set
      3. High speed lock former device
      4. An electric feeding platform
      5. A duplex TDF flange forming machine (Optional a duplex angle steel flange forming machine) 
      6. A servo feeding platform
      7. A bending device
      8. A CNC controller, software
      9. An electrical cabinet
      Plate Thickness Range (mm) 0.5-1.2
      Max-width(standard) (mm) 1300 1600
      Max-working Speed (m/min) 16
      Coiler Max-weight (kg) 6000*4
      Dimension 24000 24000
      3500 3800
      1300 1300
      Weight (kg) 9500 10000

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