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Double Action 200 Ton Pneumatic Press Machine

Name :Double action 200 ton pneumatic press machine
Brand :Rbqlty
Item NO :1554129334
Model Type :JH36
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Technical Parameters

1. Description

JH25 series open-type double-point press is a general-purpose press which was developed and produced by Shanghai No. 2 forging Machine tool Factory and foreign advanced technology. After more than 20 years' efforts, it has formed large-scale production, which is suitable for punching of large-area sheet metal. Blanking, bending, shallow drawing, etc., can also be used in progressive die or multi-station die for stamping complex parts.

2. Features:

1) The fuselage uses high quality steel plate CNC cutting, CO2 welding structure, the whole rigidity is good, the appearance is beautiful, the fuselage adopts the car type electric furnace annealing or the vibration aging means to remove the stress, the deformation is small.

2) Crankshaft longitudinal placement, short fulcrum distance, compact structure, reasonable layout. The unique synchronous reverse mode of double crankshafts eliminates the lateral force of the slider on the guide rail and the fuselage and ensures the smooth operation of the machine.

3) Transmission gear in gear box oil immersion operation, gear surface grinding treatment, transmission operation noise is low, wear and tear is small.

4) Pneumatic friction clutch-Brake, Mechanical interlock, safe and reliable, low noise, friction The plate is not easy to wear; use the domestic Shanghai "Dingjie" brand clutch or the Italian "OMPI" brand clutch; and provide the wet clutch according to the user's special needs.

5) election of imported pneumatic external hydraulic overload pump, sensitive action, good stability, easy maintenance.

6) Automatic fixed-point lubrication of imported electric grease pump is selected in lubrication system, and it is equipped with progressive distributor. The time and quantity of oil supply are controlled by PLC system, and the automatic alarm indication of oil path blockage is given.

7) The height of the slider is adjusted, which is convenient to use. At the same time, it is equipped with the digital module height indicator, and the display precision is 0.1 mm.

8) Equipped with pneumatic balancing device, balance the weight of slider and die, make the press run smoothly.

9) Clutch double valve selected Japan "Fengxing" brand, pneumatic couplings for " Yadke "brand, performance can rely on."

10) The electric system adopts Schneider brand of France, (PLC) control system of Japanese "Hequan" programmable controller, stepless speed regulation of stroke times, quick stop, inch movement, single and continuous operation mode; The main electrical components are French "Schneider" brand, reliable performance.

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3.Main Standard configuration:

1) Programmable controller (PLC) — (Brand: Schneider-France、IDEC - Japan)

2) Main electrical components — (Brand: Schneider, France)

3) Hydraulic overload protection device —(Brand: Showa, Japan)

4) Automatic lubrication device — (Brand: Taiwan flow)

5) Double solenoid valve — (Brand: Fengxing, Japan)

6) Dry clutch device —(Brand: domestic Dingjie)

7) Electric motor —(Brand: Domestic Xinda)

8) Modification device (manual below 45T, automatic above 60T)

9) Mold height indicator (mechanical indication below 45T, digital display above 60T)

10)Slider and mold balancing device

11)Work counter

12)Stroke angle indicator

13)Air blowing device

14)Rotary cam controller

15)Shockproof pad

16)Certificate of Conformity (1 copy)

17)Operating instructions (1 copy)

18)Packing list (1 copy)

19)Foot switch 1 group

20)Photoelectric protection device 1 group

4.Optional configuration:

1)Stepless speed control device (inverter or variable speed motor) 1 group

2)Wet clutch device 1 group

3)Pneumatic die pad device 1 group

4)Quick changer 1 Group

5)Preset counter 1 group

6)Mobile electrical control box 1 group

7)movable two-hand console 1 group

8)Electronic cam control system 1 group

9)Mold lighting device 1 group

10)Feeder 1 group

11)Leveler 1

12)rack 1 group

13)Robot 1 group

5.The voltage

Standard :380V /50 HZ

Special :220V; 415V ;440V ;60 HZ; AC 3φ


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