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Automatic High Speed Precision Metal Sheet Steel coil Slitting Line With Siemens PLC

Longitudinal shearing machine, also known as vertical shearing line, vertical shearing machine, slitting machine, is used to roll the metal coil sheet through uncoiling, vertical shearing and winding into the required width of the strip. It is suitable for processing cold-rolled and hot-rolled carbon steel, silicon steel, tinplate, stainless steel and all kinds of metal materials after surface coating.
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Technical Parameters

Automatic High Speed Precision Metal Sheet Steel coil Slitting Line With Siemens PLC


Decoiling, Slitting & Recoiling Line



. Technical parameters:

  1. Raw material parameters

1. 1  The coil meterial: σs235Mpa CR, Galvanized plate

1. 2  The thickness of the coil: 0.3-3mm;

1. 3  The width of the coil: 800-1800mm;

    •  1. 4  The ID of the coil: φ508mm  φ610mm
    •  1. 5  The OD of the coil:φ1600mm
    •  1. 6  The weight of the coil: 15T;

2.  Equipment parameters

 2. 1  Slitting minimum strip :width:50mm

2. 2  Slitting precision: Width tolerance ±0.1mm

2. 3  Slitting pieces: 0.3-1mm10pcs



2. 4  Material of tool shaft: φ220mmMaterial 42CrMo;

2. 5  Blade specifications: φ220×φ340×15mm( prepare by users)

2. 6  Blade material: 70Sicrv,  Hardness HRC 56-60;

2. 7  Recoiling speed: 0-120m/min   

2. 8  Recoiling ID: φ508mm

2. 9  The standard height of the production line:1000mm;

3. Main electric parameters:

3. 1  Using power: 380V±10%  three-phased electricity, 50Hz

3. 2  Control voltage: 220V±10%

3. 3  Electric control cabinet: IP40

3. 4  Production line operation cabinet: IP45

3. 5  Gross installed capacit:208.5Kw

4. Using environment:

4. 1  Temperature: -5-45°

4. 2  Humidity: 20-85%PH(without dew)

4. 3  Sea level: Under 1000m

4. 4  Strength of earthquake: 6 magnitude

5. Craftsman parameters of the line:

5. 1  Feeding direction: to be confirmed normally left to right

5. 2  Number of operators: 3-5 people

5. 3  The color of the line: It could be decided by the buyer.

II. Process flow:


Carry coil→ load coil →decoil press-guide shovel-head pinchinghead cutting


looping,transition guide slitting transition looping & storage 

scrap rewinding

pre-separation, damping,  press- separation recoiling packing discharging (electric control system, hydraulic system)

. Equipment composition:

1.  V  shape coil-loading

 Type: Saddle-type

      Material: Steel-plate welded strcture parts

      Founcation: It is for storing the steel coil and transport loaded coil to prevent it from crashing.

2.  Hydraulic coil-loading car: Weight capacity:15T

   It consists of bottom base, up-support base, car shaft, car wheel, bearing, guiding pillar, guidding sleeve, lifting cylinder, running motor,etc This car can carry coil make it lift up and down to the center of decoiler. the lifting of the car is finished by oil cylinder, the running of the car is driven by motor.

 Type: Four wheels Guide-track styled walking,

 Main material: steel-welding parts

Power of transmission: 3kw cycloidal motor

Power of Lift: Oil cylinderφ160x700mm

Specification: loading weight 15000kg,

Coil O.D.: φ1600mm

3.  Hydraulic cantilever & expansion decoiler: loading weight: 15T

   It consists of bracket, decoiling shaft, expansion-keeping disc, decoiler arc plate, hydraulic expansion angled-lift splits harmomegathus mechanism, equipped with damping & braking mechanism, bearing base, hydraulic support arm, etc.

Typehydraulic cantilever expansion type

Scope of expansion: φ470-520mm, add pads to φ610mm

Main material: welded steel plate part of frame, main axis with heat treatment

Expansion Oil cylinder: φ160×1000mm Rotating cylinder 

Expansion of rose oil cylinder: φ160mm x 95mm 2pcs

Suitable wide: 800-1800mm    

Specifications: Weight capacity 15000Kg

O.D. of the suitable coil: ≤ φ1600mm

4.  Hydraulic press-guide, shovel-head mechanism:

    Hydraulic press-guide mechanism: It consists of hydraulic press-guide arm, press-guide rubber wheel, bearing base, chain & sprocket wheel transmission mechanism, equipped with 2.2kw cycloidal speed motor etc.

  Type: hydraulic Cantilever styled, hydraulic motor press-guide

  Main material: Steel structure pieces of press-guide arm, press-guide roller with polyurethane

  Oil cylinder: φ8400mm

  Press-guide roll: φ310×400mm

  Press-guide motor: 2.2kw cycloidal speed motor

     Hydraulic shovel-head mechanism: It consists of shovel-head shell, hydraulic flexible shovel-head plate, shovel-head hydraulic lifting & balance mechanism etc.

Type: Hydraulic lifting & flexible style

  Main material: Steel structures pieces bracket,45# shovel plate

Oil cylinder spefication: Liftingφ50×400mm  flexibleφ63×500mm

5.  Hydraulic pinching

hydraulic pinching machine:

It consists of base, bracket, beam, pinching sliding block axle seat, 2 pinching rolls, upper pinching roll hydrauilc press-down & lifting mechanism, etc.

     Type: 2 pinching rolls

     Main material: steel structure pieces base, bracket

     Pinching rollers: 42CrMo, Mid frequency hardening hardness HRC54-58 The surface is plated by hard chrome HRC 56-60

Pinching oil cylinder: φ100×180mm  2pcs

     Type of lift: press down & pinch by oil cylinder

     Oil cylinder spefication:φ63×120mm  

 Pinching power mechanism:

It consists of base, reducer, 22kw AC motor, coupling, clutch, universal drive shaft, clutch, etc.

       Type: pinching distributor box transmission

       Main material: steel structure pieces base, welded steel plate gear box

       Gear: 40Cr forging, surface with high-frequency quenching

       Universal joint: SWC1180

       Power:  22kw AC motor (frequency converting control)

6.  Hydraulic head-shearer: .3×1800 mm ( Hydraulic head & tail shearing)

7.  looping & transition:

It consists of bracket, Arc transition rollaway nest, bearing base, moving lift platform, veer roller, hydraulic lifting up & down mechanism, etc.

         Looping pit: 2.5m×1.0m×2.5m (L×W×D) cement watering

8. Guide & centralization mechanism:

It consists of guide-track base, guide pillar, screw mandrel adjustable & centralizing mechanism, active guide base, multi-rolled backup wheel,  etc.

Type: Vertical roller guiding,  screw rod centralizing

     Main material: square pipe of  bracket,   45# guide pillar grinded

     Vertical rod specifications: φ90×100mm 2 pcs high-frequency quenching

         Carrier Roller specification: φ62×1800mm hard chrome surface.

Rectifying form: double lead screw with one side manual

         Adjustable range: 800-1800mm

9. Slitter:

It consists of 2sets of main-unit part & power part..

   Power part:

    It consists of power base, reducer, 55 kw DC speed-regulation motor, counter-tooth distribution gear box, coupling, clutch, universal cross gimbal shaft etc.

Type: Reducer equiped with gear counter-tooth distribution box

   Main material: Steel structure pieces base, distribution box

   Gear: 40Cr heat-treatment, High-frequency quenching

   Power: 55Kw DC speed-regulation motor equipped with SSD 590 Controller

   Main-unit part:

     It consists of base, fixed-styled bracket, sliding block of tool shaft, tool shaft two pieces, active bracket, moveable bracket hydraulic entry-exit & knife changing and adjusting mechanism, upper tool shaft simultaneous lifting & press-down adjustable mechanism, etc. ( blades, spacers, rubber ring prepared by user)

Type: disc type slitting 

 Main material: Welded pieces base, forged bearing sliding block

   Tool shaft:  42CrMo

          Moveable oil cylinder: φ80×600mm

          Material of blade: 70Sicrv.   Hardness: HRC 56-60

      Specification of blade: φ220×φ340×15mm

10. Rollerway worktable:

It consists of bracket, bearing base, rollerway, supporting plate, etc.

Type: rollerway style, with swing table

          Main material: steel pipe of frame, rollerway by seamless pipe

         Spefication:2500mm×180mm x 1000mm

11. Scrap-rewinder mechanism:

It consists of bracket, rewinding shaft,  double rewinding disc, guide wheel, rows  agency, 3kw cycloid pin wheel motor, etc.

Type:  friction tension control roll up type  automatic wiring

       Main material: Welded pieces base, frame,

         Power : 3kw cycloid pin wheel motor

12. Looping & hydraulic material-storage bridge:

It consists of bracket, bearing, active lifting platform, steering roll, hydraulic lifting up & down mechanism etc.

       Main material: structure steel platform

       Specification of looping pit: Length3.0m×Width2.2m×Depth4.5m

irrigated by cement

13. Pre-seperation, hydraulic damping & tension mechanism, hydraulic press-seperation

Mechanism, hydraulic support plate mechanism:

 It consists of base, bearing base, pre-seperation shaft, material-pressing roller mechanism, hydraulic damping bracket, damping plate, damping plate hydraulic lifting & press-down mechanism, tension frame, press-seperation bracket, press-seperation shaft, press-seperation hydraulic lifting up & press-down mechanism, equipped with material-seperation sheet, spacer etc.

Type: Hydraulic clamping-board damping style,

Main material: wool felt damping plate, polyurethane tension steering

Preassigned sheets: φ220 xφ80 x4mm  material: 65Mn

Tension roller: φ350 x 1900mm

           Damping cylinder: φ80×120mm  

 Press-seperation cylinder: φ80×300mm  2pcs

 Hyraulic pressure plate: suitable wide: 1800mm

 The pallet balances the oil cylinder: φ50 x 300mm

14. Recoiling Line: Weight capacity:

   It consists of base, speed-reduction gear transmission box, recoiling shaft,

arc-shaped plate, hydraulic recoiling expand mechanism, swallowtail slot slant slider harmomegathus mechanism, hydraulic mouth of tongs clamping mechanism, arrester mechanism, coupling, hydraulic active supporting arm, supporting base, equipped with 132Kw DC speed-regulation motor etc.

Type: hydraulic oblique T expansion, hydraulic jaw clamping

Main material: steel welded structural parts stand, distribution box

      Specification of recoiling drum: φ508 x1900 mm 

      Maximum expansion distance: 50mm

      Collapsible cylinder; φ160mm x 96mm

      Recoiling shaft material: 42CrMoV,  Heat treatment

Support cylinder: φ125 x 580mm

     Winding entrainment: hydraulic linkage inclined clamp type

Recoiling power: 132Kw DC speed-regulation motor. equipped with SSD 590 Controll er

15. Hydraulic discharging car:

It consists of frame, V-shaped supporting base, hydraulic lifting up & down mechanism, car shaft & wheel, guiding pillar, guiding sleeve, running motor,etc.This car carry seperated strips, hydraulic lifting, it is driven by four-wheeled guide rail.

Type: Guide-rail walking wheel car, hydraulic lifting, driven by motor

       Main material: steel-plate welded structure of body

       Walking wheel:42CrMo surface hardening

       Guiding pillar: 45# steel heat treatment

       Specification of oil cylinder: Liftingφ16700mm

       Running motor: 3kw cycloidal motor

   Applicable to steel coil: O.D. ≤φ1600mm

Specification: 15000kg

16. Electric control system:                                             

It consisits of main operation cabinet, vice operation table, DC electric cabinet, etc, slitting & recoiline DC motocr equiped with digital DC speed-adjusting divice( SSD 590C) , Janpanese MITSUBISHI  PLC, which carrying out whole line linkage, touched screen with Man-machine conversation, etc.

 The equipment set safty protection, emergency-stop and machine-stop lamp, etc.

Using power: 380V,  50Hz

Control voltage: 220V,  50Hz

17. Hydraulic pneumatic system: (Users prepare air)                           

Hydraulic station consists of hydraulic pump, valve plate, hydraulic inverting valve, spillover valve, defending pressure valve and adjusting valve,high pressure soft and hard pipes, joints, etc.

Transmission power: 7.5kw-4

Rated pressure: 16Mpa, and the actual press 10-12 Mpa

Flow rate:40L/min

Air force 0.5-0.9Mpa 0.9 cube (without water)

: Acquired factory Requirements

1Electrical pressure: 380V±10%,  frequency: 50Hz±10%

2Using environment: be suitable for -5-50℃,humidity20%-80% (without dew)

3. Equipment foundation: Protection guardrail, hydraulic oil

4. Air force 0.5-0.9Mpa 0.9 cube (without water)


slitting line machine
aluminum foil slitting machine
slitting coil machine
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 Main Components 

Serial No.


Place of origine


Mitsubishi PLC



Man-machine interface

(touch screen)





USA  Repp


DC controler



Electric elements & buttom

Zhengtai Group & Schneider


DC speed motor

Wuxi Xianfeng DC Motor Co.,Ltd



Jiangsu Dongtai Shengyuan Construction machinery Co., LTD


Cycloidal reducer

Jiangsu Kainite reducer Co., Ltd



Ha Wa Luo bearing


Universal joint

Jinjiang Juli Auto Accessory Factory


Hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic system

Wuxi Yingping Machinery Co;Ltd


Hydraulic pump

Yuci Hydraulic Sets Factory


Hydraulic valve

Shanghai Duolu Hydraulic &Peumatic Sets Company


Hydraulic joints& Adhesive pipes

Wuxi Shunchang Hydraulic &Peumatic Elements Factory


Hydraulic pipes

Wuxi Nanfang Pipes factory


Hydraulic system attached elements

Wuxi Hydraulic Factory


Sealed parts

Japanese VALQUA

 Technical parameters:

  1. Raw material parameters

1. 1  The coil meterial: σs235Mpa CR, Galvanized plate

1. 2  The thickness of the coil: 0.3-3mm;

1. 3  The width of the coil: 800-1800mm;

  •  1. 4  The ID of the coil: φ508mm  φ610mm
  •  1. 5  The OD of the coil:φ1600mm
  •  1. 6  The weight of the coil: 15T;

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