how much does a cnc laser cutting machine cost

2019-09-09 18:36

Pricing and costs of fiber laser cutting machines vary greatly depending on the model, type and It's up to you to balance cost and practicality.

Laser cutting equipment is mainly divided into optical fiber laser cutting machine, YAG laser cutting machine and CO2 laser cutting machine, although they are laser cutting equipment, but the price is different, even the same kind of products, there is also a difference in price, so what are the factors that affect the cost of the laser cutting machine?

1. Laser cutting machine cpmponents

A laser cutting machine adopts different parts, such as lasers, motors, laser lens, reducers, guide rails, control systems, all of which will affect the price of laser cutting machines.

A. Motor Motor is related to the precision of laser cutting machine, the cost of a famous brand motor is different from the motor cost of a common brand motor. The precision of laser cutting machine will be different as well. we recomend you Japan Fuji or Japan Yaskawa

B. Laser Lens Laser lens is related to the power of laser cutting machine. The price gap is very large, and the gap between the effect and the service life is also very large.

C. Laser Gennerator This is the heart of a laser cutting machine. The brand and quality of the laser are different, Wuhan Raycus and Germany IPG are our recomendations

2. Power of Laser

If you plan to cut metal or other thick materials, you'll need a higher watt laser than if you wanted to cut thinner materials. However, the higher the laser's wattage, the higher the price.

3. Different Models

The price of different models in the same factory (different power, different cutting format) will be different, the user needs to choose the most suitable power and format according to their own needs so as to make the best use of cutting, and bring higher returns for the enterprise value.

4. Equipment Difference

The cutting quality and speed of the optical fiber laser cutting machine, the YAG laser cutting machine and the CO2 laser cutting machine are different, and the price is also different.

5. After-sales Service

To buy large laser equipment, after-sales service is a very key problem. The full service can guarantee the safety and timely maintenance of the user's equipment. all consumables have a certain service life, and need to be replaced after the expiration. This needs the manufacturer to provide the powerful after-sales service guarantee, and provide these consumables in time.




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