Pneumatic Press VS Mechanical Press



RBQLTY pneumatic press is safe and reliable, with excellent performance and high precision.

Pneumatic Press VS Mechanical Press

If you are worried about what type of Press Machine you are buying, Let's take a look at this article to solve it for you!

The types of Press Machine currently on the market are generally divided into mechanical press and pneumatic press. Let's take a look at their advantages and disadvantages:


1.Advantages and disadvantage of mechanical press


Low-cost;simple operation;convenient maintenance.


Mould prone to damage.

2. Advantages and disadvantage of pneumatic press


Crankshaft can stop at any point during operation, Highest safety;
High precision; long life; low noise.
Easy access to other equipment.
Not easy to deform and has a large bearing capacity;
Increase the life of mold.


High- cost.

If the above is not enough to let you know which type of Press Machine to choose, then look at this table to clearly compare.


Mechanical Press/Hydraulic Press Pneumatic Press
The machine bed is cast, and the accuracy and strength are not enough. Steel-welded bed with excellent accuracy and strength.
Generally, it is a 4way guide rail with poor accuracy. 6-sided guide rail, good accuracy
The traditional mechanical clutch is the root cause of accidents caused by traditional punching machines. Pneumatic clutch cooperates with dual solenoid valve two-hand switch, safer.
Can only use collapse type insurance block, overload namely damage insurance block. Can use hydraulic type overload protection system, no wearing parts.
The service life is shorter, and the accuracy becomes worse after several years of use. The accuracy remains good and the service life is longer.
The price of the same tonnage above 60 tons is 30% or more cheaper than that of the pneumatic press. The price is more expensive, but the service life and safety are excellent.


RBQLTY pneumatic press is safe and reliable, with excellent performance and high precision. We offer a wide range of press machines for our customers, including high performance pneumatic power press machines and double action 200 ton pneumatic press machine, etc.

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