How do i use laser cutting machine

2019-09-09 18:33


1 After the CNC fiber laser cutting machine is installed, the electricity, cooling water, gas are all connected, then please confirm the in and out direction of the cooling water, and confirm that the gas pipeline connection is completely done.

2 Power on.p Push the main power switch and ensure power supply.

3 Click the computer button to start the computer. Press the servo button, turn water cooling switch, laser control switch to right, and the cooling water and laser are turned on.

4 Turn on the computer software Cypcut, the software starts and confirm that there is no alarm, and return the equipment to the origin point. After the machine turn tozero point, check the cutting head protection lens. If the protection lens is contaminated, clean it and if it cannot be cleaned ,replace it with the new mirror.

5 Check the nozzle,if the nozzle air outlet is out of round, replace it, then check if the laser focusing light point is at the center of nozzle hole. Method: Stick the transparent tape under the nozzle, turnon the laser focusing light pointt, it will leave a small light point on the transparent tape, check if the small point is at the center of the circle, if not,please adjust it at the center. Adjusting to the center method There are two opposite screws on the left and right sides of the cutting head.upper part, slightly rotated for adjustment. Adjust the laser light point to the center of the nozzle. Then carry out the cutting head calibration, BCS100, enter F1 to select the floating head calibration, confirm that there is a plate under the cutting head and follow the operation prompt by system, complete the calibration.

6 The machine is ready for work. please Import drawings, optimize drawings, adjust processes, select drawings, confirm the starting position of cutting.


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