CO2 lasers VS Fiber Laser cutting machine



Differences between fiber lasers and CO2 lasers in terms of material, power, cutting quality and speed.

CO2 lasers VS Fiber Laser cutting machine

The main difference between fiber lasers and CO2 lasers is that the working materials of the two are different. The working materials of fiber lasers are optical fibers, while the working materials of CO2 lasers are CO2, which belong to gas lasers. In addition, the power of the two is also relatively large. The difference is that fiber lasers are currently used from hundreds of watts to thousands of kilowatts, while CO2 lasers are mainly in the power range of 80W to 600W. The photoelectric conversion efficiency of fiber lasers is higher than that of CO2 lasers. In terms of cutting quality and speed, fiber lasers are superior to CO2 lasers; in terms of use and maintenance costs, fiber lasers are lower than CO2 lasers; in terms of one-time investment, fiber lasers are slightly less expensive. Higher than CO2 lasers; in addition, both fiber lasers and CO2 lasers require chillers to cool them down.

In the process of daily use, the materials used for fiber laser cutting machines (hereinafter referred to as fiber cutting machines) are: focusing mirrors, ceramic bodies, nozzles, protective mirrors, etc. The cost is about 3 yuan/hour.

In addition, according to the statistics of the past 4 years, the laser module and the beam expander have their service life, resulting in a cost of about 4 yuan/hour and 1 yuan/hour respectively (specially, the smallest unit that needs to be replaced for the ROFIN fiber laser is the semiconductor module. , the cost is about 1 yuan / hour).

The materials required for the cutting machine using CO2 laser (hereinafter referred to as CO2 cutting machine) are: focusing mirror, ceramic body, nozzle, mirror, etc. The cost is about 2.5 yuan/hour.

Fiber lasers do not need medium gas; CO2 lasers need medium gas to generate laser light, and the cost is about 1 yuan/hour.

In addition, the CO2 laser performs routine inspections every 3,000 hours and in-depth inspections every 6,000 hours, incurring a cost of about 2 yuan per hour.

To sum up, the cost of fiber laser is about 24 yuan/hour, and the cost of CO2 laser is about 38.3 yuan/hour, a difference of 14.3 yuan/hour. Based on 10 hours of use per day, the daily cost difference is 143 yuan.

From the perspective of cost saving, it is more cost-effective and convenient to give priority to fiber laser cutting machines.

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