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  • Spiral duct forming machine

    Spiral duct is made of metal strip rolled into a spiral bite wall of the thin tube, round, no welding, no leakage, no water, and more for air and bulk material delivery, instead of the traditional white iron pipe (ie manual Biting iron pipe). Is a kind of duct, the whole mechanism without straight hand beat. I produced the spiral duct machine in accordance with the Swiss standard production, high yield and stable pipe diameter, and good bite, good sealing, long-term innovation is a new generation of excellent and stable the best products. Machinable up to 80-1500 mm diameter tubing. Strength, good sealing performance. A variety of diameter tube quickly, with high-speed synchronous cutting device, processing speed, stable performance. My company's spiral duct machine with environmental protection, safety, efficiency, long life and other characteristics. Since the listing, has received domestic and foreign customers praise, worthy of your choice.

    The features:

    1, With good support and high degree of standardization

    2, Strongly sealed

    3, Low ventilation loss, small ventilation noise

    4, Inspection is convenient

    5, Anti-equilibrium external pressure

    6, Easy installation with few connection points

    7, With beautiful overall layout

    8, With small resistance, less energy loss

    9, All mechanical processing, a molding without the need for secondary processing

    10, High-speed cutting method, high diameter accuracy


      material rack

      High quality material rack to make sure it's strong enough to let the plate can be hold stable during plate processing


      compression roller

      Made by high quality steel . I ensures the plate to be pass through smoothly and safe


      Control system

      With control buttons, easy to control and also it is safe for the workers to operate


      China famous brand, with strong power to make sure the machine work well and safe

    • Type No. RBST-1500D RBST-1500C2
      Diameter (mm) 80-1500 100-1500
      Process plate thickness (mm) 0.4-1.0/1.2 0.4-1.2
      plate width  (mm) 137.00  137.00 
      speed (m/min) 1-38 1-38
      Main power (kw)  5.5 11.00 
      Cutting power (kw) 4.00  4.00 
      Weight (kg) 1800.00  2000.00 
      Dimension (mm) 3000*1980*2650 3300*2000*2700

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