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  • Product description
  • Components
  • Technical Parameters
  • Hydraulic press machine for deep drawing, bending, hemming, cold extrusion, stamping, blanking

    1.Main introduction

    Three beam four-column structures, after the computer optimized design, simple, economic, and apply. Hydraulic control system uses an integrated cartridge valve systems and reliability, long service life, hydraulic shock is small, reduces piping and leak-point links. It has stand-alone electrical control system which is reliable, intuitive motion and easy for maintenance.


    This series of presses are for metal materials, deep drawing, bending, hemming, cold extrusion, stamping, blanking and other craft, also applies to the correction, press-fit, powder products, abrasive products, as well as the suppression of molding plastic products, insulation materials, repression of can make below products:

    Household appliance: washing machine, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, rice cooker and other parts.

    Kitchenware: sink, tea set and Other kinds of containers.

    Auto parts: automobile body covering parts, braking, fuel tanks, chassis, axle case, bumper.

    3. Optional Accessories

    blanking buffer devices, mobile platforms, light curtain safety protection device, oil cooling device, touch-screen industry, playing material device (hydraulic or mechanical type), die fast clamping structure, import PLC , change mode to use floating rails and rolling bracket, mounted on a hydraulic system, slider locking mechanism

    4.Working environment

    Temperature: 0°C - 40°C2. Humidity: relative humidity is under 90%.3. Voltage: 380V(-15%,+15%),3P,50Hz


    Hydraulic Punch Press Machine

    • Main structure of machine

      1. hydraulic power part - manual and electric

      2. Mechanical control

      3. Working oil cylinder part

      4. The hydraulic power part consists of hydraulic oil pump, motor with elastic coupling and connecting plunger pump

      5. The mechanical control part is controlled by the distribution box and the combination button switch

      6. oil pipe is connected by the high pressure seamless steel tube

      Main components

      Transformer:   Simens

      Middle relay:   Simens

      Time relay:  Simens

      Breaker:  Simens

      Thermal relay:   Simens

      Oil pump:  25YCY14-1B Chinese famous brand

      Main motor: Simens

      Valves: TAIFENG

      Seals: PARKER

      Buttons: Simens

      PLC: Mistsubushi

      Security protection

      Beam upper limited is protected by the light curter

      With “PAUSE” & “EMERGENCY STOP” button.

      With Second supporting loop for the main cylinder

      Security valve for hydraulic loop

      The hydraulic system

      The hydraulic system is composed of energy conversion device, energy regulation control device and hydraulic

      accessories, and through the control of electrical system, the circulation of various actions is completed.The tubing of the

      hydraulic system is connected by high pressure flange.

      Electrical control system

      Electrical control system is divided into dynamic system and control system part of electric control system of the press used in

      PLC programmable controller and the black silk ribbon touch screens and centralized control temperature module, which can

      realize machine all kinds of craft operating cycle.

      Mode of operation

      The equipment has adjustment (inching), semi-automatic two kinds of process action selection.


      Mode of operation

    • Mode of operation


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