2 Axis DA41S CNC Press Brake Machine











  • Product description
  • Components
  • Technical Parameters
  • Torsion bar synchronous 2 axis CNC press brake

    1. Steel plate welded structure, hydraulic transmission, accumulator return, holistic processed, vibrating stress relief, high strength and good rigidity.

    2. Mechanical torque system makes sure the synchronization of cylinders.

    3. The stroke of slider and back gauge is adjusted automatically by double servo motors or transducer, and showed on CNC Mechanical torque or NC control panel.

    4. Slanting wedges can be chosen to install on the top dies which can be adjusted by hands or automatically. Hydraulic compensation system is installed under the worktable.

    5. Ball screw and linear guide.



    Packing Process



    • Optional system


      The DA-41s control provides a complete solution for conventional press brake applications for 2 axes. Offering a versatile solution for axes control for the press beam and back gauge as well as a flexible I/O configuration, based on the state of the art electronics.

      With its bright LCD display a clear and easy control is offered. The numerical programming, having angle, tool and material parameters on hand, can be done in a direct table overview. The bend parameters can be selected via a user-friendly cursor manipulation.

      With its tabular navigation on the bright LCD screen a clear and easy operation is offered. The numerical programming is user-friendly and guides the operator through all programming possibilities.


      1. Bright LCD display
      2. Beam stop control
      3. Backgauge control
      4. Angle programming
      5. Tool programming
      6. Retract function
      7. Up to 100 programs
      8. Up to 25 bends per program


      E200 system


      1. Back gauge and block control
      2. Bus mode control servo system
      3. Stock counter
      4. Program memory of up 40 programs Up to 25 steps per program
      5. One side positioning indication
      6. Retract function
      7. Mm/Inch
      8. Chinese/English


      HD LCD display, with both Chinese and English language options

      All keys on the panel are micro-switches


      ■ Using CAN bus technology,servo control X ,Y axis,control precision is high, resolution up to 0.001;

      ■ Support multi-step programming, complex workpieces can be completed at one time

      ■ Built-in PLC,with machine tool motion control function, at the same time built-in dwell time, pressure unloading delay setting function

      ■ With adjustable return distance function to change opening height

      ■ With self-diagnosis and real-time alarm functions

      ■ Reservation security interface for easy expansion.

      ■ Having a key parameter backup and restore function

      ■ Program memory of to 100 programs ,25steps per program

      ■ Tool library:20 dies


      ■ Angle programming and automatic bending position calculation



                   Electric Cabinet                                           Dies for different purpose                                    Manual back gauge finger

       Schneider brand electric components                        quenching 42CrMo material                         linear guide rail for manual adjusting



                Quick Clamp  European style Fast change                                         Germany Rexroth ValvePressure control with high precision



                 Siemens motorfor hydraulic system                                                                 American sunny pump International brand



                     Back gauge SERVO motor                                                                                   Limit Switches and pressure gauge

      Famous China Brand with long durability                                                                         Famous China Brand with long durability


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